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Our Slide-On camper on a beach.
With Decamper Slide-On Campers.
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Unlock Ultimate Luxury
With Decamper Slide-on Campers.
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discover unrivalled convenience
With Decamper Slide-on Campers.
Our slide on camper in the sunset
Create remarkable
With Decamper Slide-on Campers.

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Decamper's Ute Slide-on campers bring exceptional value to your camping experience. Our campers provide you with the opportunity to relax and travel in both comfort and style, while enjoying the convenience of the Slide-on camping model that can be perfectly customized to suit your vehicle.

With Convenie
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Say goodbye: to the frustration of towing a caravan and the difficulty of parking it.
Say hello: to the Ute carry-on Camper's swift and hassle-free "Reverse and Ride-Off" mechanism - Simply attach the 4 stands, reverse into the camper, remove the stands and drive away!

with comfort.
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Our luxurious camper interior is equipped with everything needed for the comfortable and refreshing camping experience you deserve (and more!).

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Available in a variety of stunning colours to choose from and unique dimensions custom designed to suit your vehicle, our Ute Slide-on campers are sure to get heads turning in your direction!

Custom Made
Just For You.

To deliver the best possible fit to your vehicle, we custom-build the camper using your Ute's exact measurements.

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About Decamper

Serving Australia, Decamper strives to deliver the best quality products in the market, made with the finest materials and at a premium yet affordable price.

We know that our customers value the luxury of having a safe and comfortable accommodation during the resting hours of the camp, where wild animals may break into tents searching for food — so we made the Ute-friendly, easily attachable or detachable and convenient Slide-on camper able to fit the whole family.

We take great pride in offering top-notch Slide-on campers to the Australian public. Our aim is to revolutionise Australian camping for good. With your valuable support, we can continue to assist fellow Australians in transforming their camping experiences forever, bringing forth smiles and a sense of adventure to all.


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