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- Dual Cab- Ute Tray Slide-On Camper (Ford Ranger)

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Our - CLASSIC - Ute Slide-on Camper for dual cab trays offer complete coverage for your Camping Adventures. We custom make everything for your camper, so tell us about any special requests in the form above.

How to customise your Slide-on Camper

If you wish, you can customise your camper to your exact requirements (Colour, Amenities, Removals, Add-ons) or for any unique features on your vehicle. If you are uncertain about any measurements about your vehicle, please notify us through our "Contact" page or through the "Enquire" form above so our staff can assist you.



Tell us about the options you would Like added to your Slide-On Camper through the "Enquire" form above.

Pitch us anything and we will try our hardest to make it possible!


Can I find the perfect fit for my car?


Of course! At Decamper, we strive to provide the perfect fit for your car. You can easily purchase our campers specifically designed for your exact car model, ensuring a seamless match. In the rare case that your vehicle possesses unique properties, worry not, as our team is more than willing to organize a customized solution that precisely caters to your vehicle's size and requirements. We are committed to ensuring your utmost satisfaction and providing the ideal fit for your beloved car.

Are your Slide-on Campers suitable for Families or Couples?


Absolutely! Our Slide-on Campers are ideal for both families and couples seeking a luxurious and spacious camping experience. Designed with families in mind, our campers offer an abundance of room and comfort. The massive extendable bed and convertible sofas provide more than enough space to comfortably accommodate up to 4 people, ensuring everyone can enjoy a good night's sleep. Additionally, the campers come equipped with a table, stove, a running water tap, cabinets, and a range of other luxuries that will enhance your camping experience and bring you closer together than ever before. Whether you're traveling with loved ones or as a couple, our Slide-on Campers are the perfect choice for unforgettable adventures and quality time with your nearest and dearest.

How difficult is it to slide the camper on to my vehicle?


Like most things in life, the more you do it the better you get. Sliding the camper onto your vehicle can become more manageable with practice and precision, as the more you do it, the quicker and smoother the process becomes. The key is to reverse your vehicle at a straight angle to seamlessly slide the camper in place. Having a partner or two to assist you in lining up the camper with your car is highly recommended, as it reduces the risk of unwanted damages and ensures a better alignment. With patience and teamwork, mastering the technique of sliding on the camper will result in a more efficient and stress-free experience.

Are there any restrictions on where my Ute Slide-on Camper can go?


The short answer is: it can go anywhere your car can. Unlike a typical caravan, our Ute Slide-on Camper's unique design offers unparalleled flexibility when selecting your destination. Unlike towing a large caravan behind your vehicle, the slide-on camper simply attaches on the Ute, allowing it to go wherever your car can. This stunning feature enables you to access more remote and adventurous locations, reaching picturesque spots that were previously inaccessible to you. Additionally, the versatility of the Slide Carry-on Camper enables you to park your vehicle conveniently along your journey, providing a secure and comfortable resting space.

Will I be safe from wild animals in my Ute Slide-on Camper?


Certainly, you can rest assured that your Ute Slide-on Camper offers a secure haven against animals while you sleep. Thanks to its elevated position on your vehicle, the camper provides an effective barrier against ground-dwelling creatures. Furthermore, the sturdy construction of the camper ensures protection from larger animals, eliminating worries that might arise in a traditional tent setup. With the camper's elevated and solid structure, you can enjoy your camping experience without concerns about animals seeking food or potential encounters with wildlife that could otherwise pose challenges when camping in a tent.

Can I still tow a boat when the Slide-on Camper is attached?


Yes, you can! The Slide-on Camper is designed to sit conveniently on the car without occupying space behind it. This ingenious design allows you to maximize your vehicle's space and efficiency, enabling you to easily tow a boat behind it while still enjoying the comfort and functionality of the camper.